why we launched peer learning groups at leap.club

Online courses have been around for a long time, and have definitely picked up steam in the last one year. 

But here’s a not so fun fact - only 5% folks who sign up for an online course end up finishing it.

Learning alone isn’t as much fun as learning in groups with like minded folks is.

Enter ‘cohort-based-courses’. CBC’s are definitely having their moment. Some folks go as far as calling them possible alternatives to expensive college degrees. We believe that CBC’s (or peer learning groups as we like to call them at leap.club) definitely add a lot of value to one’s professional growth. Students get access to amazing faculty and since the courses are taught live, you can chat with relevant peers, solve problems together, learn from each other's experiences and build a solid network. 

Early data suggests that 90% folks who sign up for CBC’s end up finishing them - pretty cool I would say.

Twitter, clubhouse, podcasts have already democratised knowledge consumption and CBC’s are headed in the same direction. I never got the opportunity to go to business school but if I can learn from Ivy League professors, select my own topics and learn with other like-minded folks, all while sitting at home, please sign me up!

We thought hard about CBC’s at leap.club and launched 2 courses this month (which have almost sold out, btw). 

Why we did this?

1) 100% of our members join us for 2 reasons :

a) to build a professional network 

b) to focus on their learning & development 

CBC’s allow us to enable both for our members. Group chats have already been created on the leap.club app and they are buzzing!  

2) While you pick your trainer/ coach for such courses, you do not pick your cohort. So that can be a hit or a miss. Leap solves for this. We are a curated, members-only network of leaders and you can be assured that your cohort will be a solid one. We have sold 80% of the seats for the two courses and we didn't have even one member reach out us to ask - who else will be in my cohort (yep, member trust is everything). 

We’ll continue to share our learnings building these over the next few months; until then - let the peer learning begin! 

PS. You can read more about the peer learning groups at leap.club here- 

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- Anand Sinha

Co-Founder, leap.club