new app, who dis?

with member scores, a private feed, and a lot more - got a makeover!

the team is going to hate this title, so before they make me edit it, let me post this blog 👀 

we all love upgrades. so here’s announcing one at - the 2.0 app experience.

a quick recap - we launched with a website back in may 2020. but as members grew, so did the feedback for a mobile app. we launched our v(1.0) in november 2020. the mvp served us decently well the last 7-8 months but now, with almost 2000+ members, has run its course. 

this blog covers what’s new about the all-new app experience (and why). if you are not a member yet, it should also tell you what we do (and why you should join us).

there is always so much happening on our platform and the constant feedback we kept hearing was that our members were missing out on conversations, experiences ++.

by landing on the ‘home’ page, members now get a snapshot of what’s new - posts, jobs, connection requests/messages, trending clubhouse conversations they missed, and their own activity with everything leap has to offer. we hope this takes away that ‘overwhelming’ feeling 💁🏻

the feed is the place to connect with many members in one go - for services, business partnerships, social events, sharing info, etc. but not all posts are relevant to everyone. and of course we want to follow a few specific topics/ people more than the others. in our continued commitment to keep clutter-free and not optimize for views, likes, we have now introduced a private and a public feed. the former has all the posts from members you have superconnected with in the past and members that you want to follow (you can follow a member by clicking on the + icon on the public feed or on their profiles). the public feed has posts from everyone else in the network.

clubhouses (not to be confused with the audio app) are social and professional micro-communities based on shared interests ranging from one that shares cute dog pictures (❤️) to professional ones like crypto, personal finance, brand marketing++.

members usually join multiple clubhouses and we have now made it easy for them to keep a track of allll that buzzin’ through the trending scroll on top. in our earlier versions, we were focused on the creation of new clubhouses by members but now that we have 50+ active clubhouses, we have focused on discovery. we still have some work to do here and will continue to improve the clubhouse experience in our upcoming releases.

superconnections are how our members connect with each other 1:1. it’s a double opt-in and members can send 3 requests a month with a proper intro message (clutter-free, remember). good connections and network are based on a few factors - discovery, track, response (acceptance from the other side) and then, of course, the ease of staying in touch.

our members can now use our advanced filters to search the right set of members or browse through our 5 recommendations for the month; star members to connect with later; go back and view the members they connected with every month; and a lot more. we are extremely excited to see engagement shoot up with this 🏁

every member has a detailed profile at leap. we have tried to humanize profiles by adding personal information like an informal intro, skill sets, goals, social interests, role models along with all the professional information you need. you can view members following you, your or other members’ activity on the feed.

members can now also share profiles with non-members. we hope one day profiles > linkedin profiles 🥇

we haven't played around too much with this. a lot of our members didn't know that there is an archive section where you can watch or listen to these masterclasses or huddles. so we hope the discovery is simpler now with a simple right swipe. you will be able to view the ratings, # of members who attended on these cards. for the upcoming experiences, click on the creative to read more about them.

like credit score, our members can now view their score. this is based on their activity compared to other members. in the next few years, this will evolve to karma scores and will be based on a lot more things like - how are other members rating their interactions with you. if your karma score falls below a certain rating then members will not be able to perform many functions on the app. we are extremely excited about building karma scores and promise to build this right. more on this on a separate blog, when the time is right.

our current members are our biggest cheerleaders and we trust them to invite like-minded new members. members now get 5 invites, and their nominations skip the waitlist and can straight pay to become a member. nowhere on the internet can you straight jump your way to a membership but going forward invited members can. if you are on the waitlist, then don't worry, we are rapidly expanding our team to onboard members faster.

and now one for the road.

as we build the network, jobs will be massive for us. there is already a lot of hiring that happens at leap and hence, we have created a simple jobs board where members can post openings and other members can apply. as we scale, we will open our jobs board to recruiters and companies who can post openings for our members. 

we also want to thank our members for:

1) being patient with our mvp

2) for all the feedback that has shaped this 2.0. 

we hope you like the all-new experience. back to day 1!

– anand (and all your friends at