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having the right people to talk to is a huge driver for growth - personally and professionally. as a member, that’s exactly what you have. you are surrounded by incredible women leaders who interact with each other on a daily basis. there is no agenda other than the ones set by individuals. the community is supportive and exceptionally friendly and open. you have the tools to meet others one-on-one or join the numerous group discussions taking place every week. 

the result? mind-blowing! we are constantly stunned (and energized!) by the stories our members share 😍 for many, has become the proverbial swiss army knife - an essential tool for all things professional and social. 

wondering what this means in practical terms? read on!

🤸‍♀️ navigating career transitions

anuradha eswaran is currently on a sabbatical. she’s been using to explore different avenues and industries to figure out what she wants to do next. she’s had conversations with numerous women.

one such conversation was with rachna gothi, a product manager at amazon. during the conversation, rachna explained the details of her role at amazon and product management in general. but something surprising also happened. 

it felt like i was connecting with a mentor, and that’s not what i expected from the call,” anuradha said. “she was able to pick up that i was not feeling very upbeat about my own professional journey, and she actually pepped me up. she was so gracious and shared very clear advice on what i can do as next steps.” [read more]

👩‍💻 cracking job interviews

shortly after she joined, divya penumetsa had an interview lined up at a big consulting firm. she posted about it on the feed, got some solid help from members, and landed the job!

“i got connected with shefta nanda and preeti kaushal,” divya said. “shefta is the hr director at adidas and preeti is a partner at accenture. i had 30–45 minute calls with both of them which were incredibly helpful. i couldn’t believe that women of this calibre were helping me prep for my interview! 

shefta gave me input on how to structure my answers, and also some general tips from an hr point of view. preeti pointed out which parts of my cv i should highlight, and what she would look for if she was hiring for a position like the one i was interviewing for.

the interview went great! i wasn’t fumbling, there was not a single question i wasn’t prepared for. i got the job! and it was a lot of fun getting there.” [read more]

👯‍♀️ finding members of your tribe (even the ones who live in japan!)

priyal keni is a consultant at deloitte, lives in mumbai, and is someone who values networking a lot! even though she uses other networking platforms extensively, the vibe and proactivity at is something unique in her experience. 

using, she met ananya sachdev who lives in tokyo. the two of them have loads in common and have formed a great relationship.

“ananya and i connect on a zoom call almost every week,” priyal said. “we have so much in common — our academic backgrounds are similar, we’re both sports enthusiasts, we both have sport-related side-hustles (she hosts a podcast with amazing sportspeople, and i have my own ngo that is sports-based), we’re both crazily entrepreneurial, we know so many people in common, and even when it comes to our plans for the future — we’re both the same age — we think about it in similar ways. we are just on the same frequency, and it’s an incredibly valuable relationship for me.” [read more]

🌟 hiring rockstars for your team

neha arora leads the consumer acquisitions division at upgrad, and is currently building a team from scratch. she uses in all kinds of ways - including hiring.

“there are a lot of things i like about leap when it comes to hiring,” neha said. “the quality of the candidates is a big one - it makes my life so easy. but i also like the fact that the interaction is less transactional. no one writes to me 'hey, here's my cv.' there's a certain ethos and i find that very appealing.

“i've met people who are not a fit for any of our roles right now, but i'm so impressed by them that i want to create a space for them in my team. they're forward-thinking, people with a global mindset - that's the kind of talent i like to hire.” [read more]

🗣️ gaining domain knowledge for your entrepreneurial journey

earlier this year, parisha p started a new venture in the food and agriculture space. she was looking to connect with people from the food industry, and got in touch with nameeta garg who is very experienced in the field. the two of them had a call, and also met up in bangalore a few weeks later.

“nameeta and i had a really good conversation about what she’s been up to so far in the food space — she’s done a lot of things,” parisha said. “as a newbie in the space, i realised that i can benefit from her guidance tremendously. she was so upfront talking about her experience, and i appreciated that a lot. my husband joined us later in the evening, and the three of us had a great brainstorming session about how we can incorporate her learnings into what we’re trying to do. there’s a big need for sustainable food businesses, but the market is also really big, so there’s a lot to wrap one’s head around. right now, the idea of getting into this space is often rather daunting for us. but knowing that there are people like nameeta who are willing to share and help makes it so much easier.” [read more]

🤝 talking to the right people as you scale your business

anusha adappa is the co-founder of prakriti herbals. during her first week as a member, she connected with praatika mehra who was with nykaa at the time. anusha was trying hard to get her products listed on nykaa, and praatika was incredibly helpful in that regard. she put anusha in touch with the right team at nykaa, and as a result, anusha got her products on the platform really quickly.

“at leap, it feels like i have a gang of sisters who have my back!” anusha said. “whenever i talk to someone, it feels like they instantly become an ally, like they instantly start rooting for you. it’s amazing to have such support.

having the right people to talk to is such a big driver for professional growth. everyone wants this, but how do you get it? fills that gap exceptionally well. it’s become so easy for me to connect with founders and other professionals from relevant sectors.” [read more]

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