(all the)love.leap.club

we often get by with a little help and lots of love from our friends 🖤

don’t mind our humble brag, but we definitely have the best cheerleaders. from members, friends to strangers on the internet, we’re overwhelmed with all the love (and feedback) that comes our way.

here are some of the hundreds of messages we get everyday that restore our confidence in our mission 👇


introducing - love.leap.club, which true to its name, is a curation of the truckloads of love that we receive and want to share with you all.

making our members win has and will always be our true north star!

we’re building for a better world and the journey is even better when thousands others are building it with us. we’re reimagining the way we look at professional growth and these stories are a testament to the fact that with a solid network and right tools, we can all live our best professional lives.

brb, lotsa milestones to achieve and love to be received. :)